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Thesis Binding and Hand Bookbinding


Thomas Carroll is widely known as a traditional hand bookbinder specializing in book restoration. Entering Tom’s workshop is like taking a step back in time. Immediately you are surrounded by tools and equipment from past centuries. Tom has an evident design fluency and is passionate about his craft. He is proud to point out that the only two tools that need electricity in his studio are a hot plate for gilding and his stereo.

Thomas has 45 years of experience in Book Restoration Conservation and Traditional and Academic binding, and comes from four generations in the print craft and served a traditional five-year Apprenticeship. Twenty of those years in Waterford Ireland’s Oldest City itself steeped in craft-workers where he works from his Bindery in Johns hill.

Thomas has worked on many valuable collections for various libraries and museums, and offers a very high level of skills

We can restore your most valuable and loved bindings for further generations to cherish using traditional methods and materials. We offer paper treatments in regards to paper tears, Sellotape removal. Thomas aim is to retain as much of the books original character as possible. Leather bindings with Red-rot can be treated with great success provided deterioration provided it is not too extensive.



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The Waterford Bookbinder with Thomas Carroll

Short Documentary Directed by Hernán Catvin